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 After 30 years of skateboarding in San Francisco, California and around the world, professional skater Karl Watson wrote this children's book in hopes of inspiring future generations to become skateboarders. 

My First Skateboard is a children’s tale of how skateboarding can save the world.

Karl Watson has devoted his life to this world by becoming a professional skateboarder and spreading his unique positive nature and genuine love of all. Not to mention his legendary style on the board. Karl devotes himself to inspire youth to be positive, to see all people as one, and to work hard toward goals to achieve success.

Illustrator, Henry Jones, was the perfect choice to create the vibrant images in this book. Henry is a renowned artist within the skateboarding community and grew up skating himself. His distinctive cartoon style highlights skate culture, captures amazing tricks, and is often filled with humor.

My First Skateboard will hopefully inspire new young, new shredders to get out there, get involved, and be active. The skateboarding community is waiting to embrace them.