POWERFLEX GUMBALL Skateboard Wheels 54mm 83b (set of 4)


Powerflex Gumball Wheels -  54mm 83b (Set of 4)

Powerflex Gumball Core wheels are perfect for street skating, skateparks, backyard pools and beginner skateboarders. Powerflex's custom 83b Hard/Fast Anti Flatspot Formula is the perfect mix of slide and grip. They let loose to slide, but don't slip out when you don't want them to. They are stone ground and ready to ride - no break in period required.

Powerflex's Gumball Cores are just what they sound like, sweet and colorful... but it doesn't end there! What makes these wheels perfect is the 55d core that allows a perfect spin, but absorbs more shock than any single pour 83b/101a wheel ever could.

100% Made In The USA