Sector 9 Nineballs Wheels 61mm - Smoke Black

Don't let the size fool you... this little wheel is a HUGE amount of fun! 

The urethane is soft and lets you ride quickly pretty much on every surface. The rounded lip lets you break into slides with ease and the narrow contact patch gives you exactly the amount of speed you need to get there on time!

These wheels are perfect for cruising in speed and style. Great on Cruisers mounted with standard trucks, they work amazingly even on small Sidewinder surf-skates, such as the Barra Soap, the Getaway, or the Wavepark.

+ Cruising

Diameter: 61mm
Hub: Offset
Edge: Round Lip
Contact Patch: 32mm
Durometer: 78a
Different colors available

If the average rider really knew what our wheels went through to make it into our line-up, he might be comfortable putting them on his car. On a serious note: these wheels are nitpicked through and through before even become prototypes. Then we dissect them, test them, rework them, and test them again. This process often seems tedious, but it has proven successful time and time again. Whether it is our Race Formula, our Shredthane, or our Nineballs, these wheels all stand up to the rigors of the road and perform for you when you need them most.
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